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The Sustainability Alliance of Southern California envisions our region becoming a successful model for sustainability by 2020.  Southern California will become a leader in minimizing the stress on our natural ecosystems, while maximizing the quality of life for all.

Mission Statement/Tag Line:
Our mission is to make sustainability the policy of Southern California.

Call to Action:
Our founder, Mr. Alan Ball, called for this group to engage in action which is: purposeful, thoughtful, directed, passionate and effective to impact carbon dioxide emissions. He stated the importance of having an organization that is respected, has credibility, is listened to and is perceived as always oriented in the best interests of the region.

How the Alliance serves the community and promotes sustainability:

  • Provides a neutral place to dialogue, present information, and collaborate on all sustainability related issues (ie. energy, water, land, food, and health).
  • Advocates for policies that promote sustainability and encourages energy and water efficiency and conservation.
  • Serves as a connection point for organizations and businesses to share information about initiatives.
  • Engages leaders both in government and the private sector to implement changes that reduce carbon dioxide emission levels.

*Note: While SASC is currently completing its non-profit status, your donation to our cause will be processed by Jon Warren Lentz's UNcom (a trusted affilate) account for the moment. 


Sustainability. The Alliance models practices which do not destroy or deplete natural resources or pollute the environment.

Love. Demonstrate love for all of Southern California and everyone within it.

Inclusion. Include the disadvantaged communities and all individuals /sectors involved in promoting sustainability.

Diversity. Diversity is vital for effective policy development.  People of all skill types and backgrounds are encouraged to contribute to idea development for a more viable outcome. The Alliance incorporates grass roots initiatives to attract people of all socioeconomic levels and backgrounds.

Immediacy. The sustainability Forum is an inclusive body that recognizes that the issue of sustainability is an urgent one and requires prompt action.

SASC is excited to use Groupsite, which can empower more people to come together and make more things happen. The SASC Groupsite combines the most useful features of traditional websites, blogs, collaboration software and social networks.

This site is a public meeting place that provides members of Sustainability Alliance of Southern California with a shared calendar, discussion forums, member profiles, photo gallery, file storage and more. We encourage you to upload your photo, complete your profile and participate!



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